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We conduct our business with HONESTY and INTEGRITY

Barbara Bridges:
Always Professional
Sensitive to Your Needs
Highly organized
Skillful and Friendly Staff
Efficient & Cost Effective
An All Around Good Listener
Loyal Clientele and Well Known
Fair and Accurate Appraisals

References available
On Top of Her 15 Years of Estate Sale Experience Barbara Bridges has 30 Years of Retail Merchandising and Retail Management Experience
Exceptional People Skills Due to Extensive Retail Background
Understands That Marketing and Presentation Increases Returns
Knowledgeable in Today’s Technology in order to Advertise to
a Larger Buying Audience.

Barbara’s marketing techniques, personal touch, and prominent advertising, have cultivated loyal shoppers, that always seek out  “Bridges Estate Sales.” She knows many of her shopping customers by name, and she knows what they are shopping for.

The majority of Bridges Estate Sales business comes through referrals from previous customers that have referred friends and family to her.

Barbara also receives many requests for her services from shoppers who are impressed by her professionalism and by how clean, creative, and organized her sales are.