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Evaluate your sale.

  1. Complimentary evaluation of the potential of an Estate Sale.
  2. Information to help you decide, “Is an Estate Sale the right choice?”
  3. No cost up front. All expenses will be paid out of the proceeds of the sale.

Prepare your sale.

  1. Furniture will be cleaned , polished and organized.
  2. Household items will be cleaned, displayed and priced at fair market value.
  3. Jewelry and valuable items will be displayed in secure cases.
  4. Research will be conducted on the internet. We also consult with other experts.

Conduct your sale.

  1. Staff to serve the customers and provide security for your house and items.
  2. Admit customers in an orderly manner.
  3. Maintaining a presentable sale. We are often complimented for our clean sales.
  4. Provide bookkeeping.
  5. Our goal is to empty the house and get the best price for your items.
  6. We’ve worked hard for our reputation to conduct a fair efficient Estate Sale.

Advertise your sale.

  1. Email our customer list.
  2. List your sale on our website with pictures.
  3. Provide signs directing customers to your sale.
  4. Advertise your sale on Craig’s List and Estate Sale Finder with pictures.

Clean out after the sale.

  1. Clean out the house from attic to basement, and garage to storage sheds.
  2. Recommend charities to donate left over sale items to.
  3. Itemize value of donations for tax purposes.
  4. Arrange for dumpster delivery and removal.